Designer Collection Anabella AN553
Designer Collection Anabella AN553

Designer Collection Anabella AN553

Soaking Hydrotherapy

Stimulates the contact and temperature receptores located on the surface of the skin which promotes relaxation and stress relief


Super Saturates the water with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles, increasing oxygen levels up to 70% higher than common tap water. This luxrious cloud of oxygen blankets your body, energizing skin cells, stimulating the immune system, killing bacteria and promoting healing, leaving your skin soft and clean in a way you've never experienced. 

Air Masseur Hydrotherapy 

Engages the light-touch receptors just below the surface of the skin and promotes further calming, relaxation, and circulation. 

Whirlpool hydrotherapy

Results in true physiological change to your body by engaging the pressure receptors located deeper in your muscles tissue. This relieves tight and stressed muscles and therefore promotes tissue rejuvenation.

MicroSilk® AirMasseur®

A combination bath that delivers the benefits of both the new skin rejuvenating technology- MicroSilk® and the AirMasseur® bath, which stimulates the body's light touch receptors.


Air - Whirlpool hydrotherapy

Allows for stimulation of both light-touch and pressure receptors through the combination of our AirMasseur® technology and Whirlpool Hydrotherapy. It\'s bathing equivalent of both Swedish and deep tissue massage.

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