Kohler Karing® 2.0 One Piece Toilet | K-77780-0
Kohler Karing® 2.0 One Piece Toilet | K-77780-0

Kohler Karing® 2.0 One Piece Toilet | K-77780-0

The Karing 2.0 One Piece toilet from Kohler combines simple and efficient. This intelligent toilet provides an ergonomic seat design to blend comfort and style. Various details including a pre-mist function ensure a clean experience and a 1.08-gallon flush provides water savings and efficiency. Other components include a touchscreen remote, heated seat, and hands-free opening and closing. This minimalist-style toilet is packed with features sure to please everyone.


  • Compact one-piece intelligent toilet with integrated personal cleansing.
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
  • 1.08 gallons per flush (gpf).
  • Advanced personal cleansing functionality with self-cleaning wand and precision air dryer.
  • Adjustable settings for heated seat, dryer and water temperature.
  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing seat and cover.
  • LED nightlight illuminates the bowl for added convenience in dark spaces.
  • Stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate and oscillate functions.
  • English-language touchscreen LCD remote control.
  • Bowl pre-mist function sprays the bowl before use for more effective rinsing after flushing.
  • Self-cleaning function uses UV light and electrolyzed water systems to sanitize the wand surfaces.
  • Automatic deodorizer fan reduces odors.
  • Minimum static pressure of 20 psi required.


  • Power Lite® flushing technology offers a powerful, water-efficient 1.08-gallon flush.
  • Automatic flushing after every use; flush can also be controlled by the touchscreen remote or backup button.


  • Standard 12" rough-in.
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